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In Enrapture, Perrett provided the third leg of Fallon's four-timer, the fourth coming on Didnt Tell My Wife in the finale and the second courtesy of Ed Dunlop, whose Apex fairly sluiced home in the six-furlong handicap.
But during the mating season it throws caution to the wind and engages in trilling aerial displays, plunging through the air with its tail feathers fanned out in a bid to enrapture females.
Even the theatricality of the show does not inspire empathy; it does not enrapture, or involve the audience fully.
Thirty-five is the number of exotic herbs abd spices she put into her bath of asses' milk, specially blended to sexually enrapture any man.
Although one's mind seems to possess its words by thinking them, those same words can also occupy and overwhelm and enrapture one's being, just like waves of wondrous sensation.
As she gets ready to celebrate her birthday - the official DOB is March 9, 1959 - her style continues to enrapture young girls and collectors alike.