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In the present case I am unable to take your view of the bearing which my acceptance of occupation--not enriching certainly, but not dishonorable-- will have on your own position which seems to me too substantial to be affected in that shadowy manner.
ornamenting his neighbor's lawn as a tree, or enriching his table as a
But there came hours when we seemed to our two selves very grown up and old, and in those hours we talked our dreams and visions and hopes, vague and splendid, as all such are, over together, and so began to build up, out of the rainbow fragments of our childhood's companionship, that rare and beautiful friendship which was to last all our lives, enriching and enstarring them.
There are some men who, living with the one object of enriching themselves, no matter by what means, and being perfectly conscious of the baseness and rascality of the means which they will use every day towards this end, affect nevertheless--even to themselves--a high tone of moral rectitude, and shake their heads and sigh over the depravity of the world.
Meanwhile, I am enriching myself and doing no one any harm.
Once in possession of the names of the persons who had been present at the dinner, I resolved--as a means of enriching the deficient resources of my own memory--to appeal to the memory of the rest of the guests; to write down all that they could recollect of the social events of the birthday; and to test the result, thus obtained, by the light of what had happened afterwards, when the company had left the house.
The great capitalists devouring the little capitalists, concentrating the power and the tools of production in great masses, perfecting industrial processes, and in the madness of self-aggrandisement only preparing, organising, enriching, making ready the lawful inheritance of the suffering proletariat.
Do they yield so laudably to the vast and cumulative influence of such enterprise and such renown; do those little rills become absorbed so quietly and easily, and, as it were by the influence of natural laws, so beautifully, in the swoop of the majestic stream as it flows upon its wondrous way enriching the surrounding lands; that their course is perfectly to be calculated, and distinctly to be predicated?
The report shows that Iran is continuing to enrich but at the same pace it has been enriching since February 2012.
London, Feb 22 ( ANI ): Iran has started installing advanced centrifuge machines for enriching uranium at its nuclear plant at Natanz, the UN's nuclear watchdog has said.
Iran says that it is enriching to the 20% level to produce fuel for its research reactor.
The agency had previously reported that Iran is enriching uranium to 20 percent purity.