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Ahmadinejad also questioned why Iran had drawn such a chorus of criticism with its announcement last Sunday that it would begin enriching uranium to 20 percent.
It is not necessarily a sign that Iran is enriching to levels beyond what it has declared," the paper quoted a diplomat in Vienna, as saying.
President Barack Obama's spokesman Robert Gibbs said that it would be a "positive step" for Iran to transfer low-enriched uranium off its soil, but pointed out that Tehran had said it would continue enriching uranium.
There are no additional centrifuges enriching, no more modern centrifuges enriching and no centrifuges enriching to a higher level than before.
A key problem, as many critics point out, is that Iran has already mastered the fundamental technology and is now enriching uranium, even if it is doing so very slowly and with frequent breakdowns and inefficiencies.
Western powers led by Washington suspect Tehran is enriching uranium with the ultimate aim of making the bomb, a charge Iran strongly denies.
It will consist of up to 240 full-scale centrifuge machines, enriching uranium in a closed cycle.
Travelers looking for a journey that combines adventure and education will find enriching experiences in FAR&WIDE's premier "Ultimate Passages" program to New Zealand.
Kabuki dance: Last year, the Islamic Republic countered the Big Six offer on enriching Iran uranium to 20 percent by saying it would hand over its 5 percent enriched uranium only after the West shipped 20 percent enriched uranium to Iran.
Department of Energy's (DOE) proven centrifuge uranium enrichment technology, resulting in the world's most efficient process for enriching uranium for nuclear fuel.
After the West refrained from responding to Iran's request, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered the AEOI to provide and install the necessary equipments to start enriching uranium to the purity level of 20% to feed the research reactor.
The February 12 letter, later leaked to the media, said Iran's intention of enriching uranium further to 20 percent was "wholly unjustified" because the trio's proposal of last October contained all the guarantees that Iran has been insisting for the last three months it must have.