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The subscriber reserves the right to discuss the conversation with the enrolled person in an oral and / or written form.
To address this limitation, CMS contracted with Mathematica Policy Research to design and construct unduplicated research files that reconcile duplicate Medicaid enrollment records in MAX 2005, 2006, and 2007, creating an unduplicated research file that contains one record for each enrolled person in the United States.
The researchers controlled for age, sex, participant type (for example, whether the participant was the first enrolled person, a sibling or a parent), and epilepsy type (focal epilepsy or generalised epilepsy).
However, if the enrolled person turns out to be mentally ill or an addict, the case is transferred to the psychiatric hospital.
I attended three seminars at Valley Presbyterian Hospital recently on health maintenance organizations and learned that the fee for each enrolled person has increased from $500 to $600 per month.
Non-Credit (Payday) Loans Monitoring: reports short-term loans taken out in an enrolled person%s name at check cashing or related institutions and alert an enrolled person if and when loans have been acquired using his or her SSN.
Books, note books and other stationery items will be provided to the enrolled persons free of cost.
All newly enrolled persons up to 133% FPL will be encouraged to participate in prevention and wellness activities.
The program, which would have paid at least $50 a day for long-term in-home care for enrolled persons, was clearly in trouble when the Obama administration closed the CLASS office and requested that its budget be eliminated.
Existing literature has focused primarily on contrasting the characteristics and patterns of service use of dually enrolled persons (frequently referred to as "dual eligibles") with those of other Medicare beneficiaries using bivariate associations (O'Brien and Feder 1999; Lamphere et al.