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ENROLLMENT, Eng. law. The registering, or entering in the rolls of chancery, king's bench, common pleas, or exchequer, or by the clerk of the peace in the records of the quarter sessions, of any lawful act; as a recognizance, a deed of bargain and sale, and the like. Jacob, L. D.

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The district counts 400 open enrollment students from outside district lines among its total of 7,700.
For more information, see Tax Clinic, "Automatic Enrollment in Sec.
Congress's intent was clear when it included the provision for automatic enrollment in the PPA '06: many employees were not properly saving for retirement, and Congress wanted to facilitate increased savings.
When the results came in, the leaders did not celebrate their enrollment success.
When asked about enrollment in specialized programs (horseback riding, etc.
Shapiro said the board's decisions were necessary to keep enrollment at its schools at about 750.
Due to regional economic growth, the baby boom generation and a "favorable" political climate, enrollment at COB had risen steadily.
Meanwhile, the Pulp and Paper Education and Research Alliance (PPERA) universities have been intensifying their own recruitment efforts to shore up enrollments with only mixed and limited success to date.
Detection of HPV was significantly more likely in the vulvovaginal region than in the cervix regardless of the interval since enrollment or since first sexual experience.
Secondly, there was "inertial energy" (216) in the sense that there was a progressive tendency in all departments for some schools to lead to more, schooling for some students leading to some schooling for all, enrollment for a few years growing into attendance for six or seven years, and so on.
Barbara Fritze, vice president for Enrollment and Educational Services at Gettysburg College (Pa.