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contends that Spenser merely echoes a literary commonplace for the Calender's classical conclusion, 'folowing the ensample of Horace and Ovid' in staking his final claim to fame.
As a mock Italian novella, the story of 'Ferdinando Ieronimi' is as morally ambiguous as the English version, or, indeed, as any narrative by Bandello, even though Gascoigne offers a throwaway justification at the end: 'I haue recited this Fable which maye serue as ensample to warne the youthfull reader from attempting the lyke worthles enterprise' (sig.
Gordon's "virtues still survive,/ Their paramount ensample to impart" (3).
A rare ensample of friendship true, it is not legend lie But a thing once done indeed, as histories do descry, which done of yore in long time past, yet present shall be here Even as it were in doing now, so lively it shall appear.
than will [I] take me to be ensample of a man in [thorn]at o parte and [thorn]e help of God in [thorn]at o[thorn]er parte, the ton ryght as it shold be [thorn]e spycys where-with I will make my lectuary, [thorn]at o[thorn]er is [thorn]at swete tastyng [thorn]at I shold tast.
Therefore be thys ensample of oure meke lady lett wymmen lerne to be meke & not to preferred hemselfe afore men in enythynge & namely sueche as haue hosebundys for oure lady ys a parfyth ensample to alle wymmen as oure lorde Ihesu cryste to alle men.
11d) and pat alle may take ensample by pe, her lord aftirward trewely forto serue.
Some citizens wives, upon whom the Lord for ensample to others hath
Some of the general headings for the sins are also included in the table -- `An ensample of Inobedyens wyth other vices' (first flyleaf, verso), `An Example of the vice of Supplantacion' (second flyleaf, recto) -- but not all.
In contrast, the line By swiche ensamples olde maistow leere 'Through these old exemplary stories can you learn' in Nun's Priest's Tale (3106), with which Chauntecleer introduces his explanation of the signification of his examples to Pertelote, should be interpreted as general T.
v] A woman's reply to her lover Ensamples fayre ye fynde in nature: Of plantys smale commeth trees huge and strong, Of raggyd coltes palfreyes of plesure, The lytyll spryng groweth in the ryver long.