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But the one positive of the confusion enshrouding Newcastle's ownership is that five days before the opening game at West Brom, all but Obafemi Martins remain.
Unlike much of the sports writing fraternity, I have no problem with the concept of Twenty20 cricket; just with the part involving Sir Allen Stanford, the billionaire responsible for enshrouding the sports soul in dollar bills and setting fire to it.
Jesse Plemons, a fan favorite scene-stealer in NBC's "Friday Night Lights," serves that same role here, as a dim but sharp-witted crook wary of the enshrouding mystery.
Film and television industry veteran Steven Maines presents Longinus: Book I of the Merlin Factor, a novel about the Roman Centurion Longinus who stabbed Jesus Christ as He hung from the cross, inadvertently enshrouding himself and his spear in Biblical legend.
The grey film enshrouding the structures, however, gives away the reality; it marks the saltwater line indicating the flood's depth on each lot.
Monks, of course were subject to the same high rates of death as those outside the walls, but they also deserved a significant amount of preparation after death, with enshrouding, stone coffins in some cases, and maintenance of graves.
The face was not quite visible within the enshrouding cape, and there were no clues as to the gender of the performer.
Enshrouding a retail store within a larger concept, preferably with a cultural or artistic mission, seems to be the latest thing.
For autumn 2000 is set to go clown as the time when the mist enshrouding the embattled supermarkets finally lifts and, for the more acquisitive operators, mellow fruitfulness means exactly that.
By definition, scent is the "bacterial, cellular, and vaporous debris enshrouding the individual.