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As mentioned earlier, Blonde Roots is a polyphonic novel which gives voice both to enslaver and slave: books one and three which open and close the novel are Doris's narrative, while the middle book presents a pamphlet, The Flame, written by the slave owner Chief Kaga Konata Katamba.
61) Not only did the Act seek to prevent future black property owners but as well to undermine and destroy a preexisting class of black property holders from the Dutch period, thus further aggravating a tenuous modus vivendi on contested ground between enslaver and the enslaved.
For Weil, Lady Macbeth is not an enslaver of Macbeth's will, as some would have her; instead, she sees her as his instrument or tool, one of those "all too loyal servants or favorites" who "fashioned herself as the perfect hand-maid, a one-way mirror for Macbeth's mind" (138).
Camp's initial chapter, "A Geography of Containment," explores the struggle between the enslaver and the enslaved over the use of space and time.
Phillips seems to be using the enslaver Prospero's rhetoric to critique his own nation's slaveholding populace, drawing attention to the cultural construction of pro- and antislavery alliances.
voltage of ambition, that enslaver of reason and faith's despoiler.
The Bible is both Sacred Scripture and human activity; it has served both as enslaver and liberator.
American slavery involved two groups of people: the enslaver and the enslaved.
The Propertian lover appears to demonstrate par excellence the elegiac topos of the male narrator as enslaved and the female narrative subject as his enslaver.
To destroy the dignity of the body - the dignity of any and every body - is to prepare the way for the enslaver, the rapist, the torturer, the user of cannon fodder," he writes.