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We recall our past but no longer allow it to ensnare our future QUEEN AT STATE BANQUET WITH IRISH PRESIDENT
There had been support for Ensnare during the day, with the seven-year-old as short as 5-1, but he was friendless on course and was returned at 16-1.
The book champions the efforts of small communities, which are, the author says, "certainly one of the few places in the world where the scions of great moneyed families are socially and politically outranked by persons who earn their living stuffing rotten herring in nylon bags in an effort to ensnare large bottom-feeding bugs.
Otherwise, their refusal to marry certain licensed couples while agreeing to marry others may further ensnare them in the legal/political thicket.
To engage such material--to embarrass and even offend audiences and to ensnare the eager critic m contradiction and multiple meaning--adds up to an ambitious enterprise.
Mix in the murder of the girlfriend, drugs, the Crips, the Bloods, and Scully's plot with Nicky to produce an esoteric film that will ensnare a member of the Mafia, and you have an action-packed ride.
To ensnare meals, the batfish "has the most remarkable lure-like appendage in its forehead, just below the rostrum," says McCosker.
Just as a fishing net can catch big fish while letting small ones through, natural, porous minerals called zeolites can ensnare certain molecules while letting others swim free.
99), with a helicopter that fires a net to ensnare a giant Pteranodon--just beware its grasping jaw and spring-out wings; Thundering Trike ($14.
And Bob Dole and the Republicans were also skirting the edges of the same law that may ensnare Clinton and Gore.
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