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Sex offender Peter Chapman has admitted kidnapping, raping and murdering a teenager who he ensnared using an internet social networking site.
The Girls, now in their early 40s, engage in backward glances and self-assessment here, most poignantly on "Lay My Head Down," in which Saliers sings about being ensnared at some insufferable shindig: "Everyone's tied to their thing to their past, to their drink, or the date that they bring.
What happens when creatures of the sea become ensnared in the trappings of the human world?
The controversy eventually ensnared the conservative Canadian magazine The Western Standard, which published the cartoons and was subsequently sued in human rights court.
A cry for help from a friend causes the deviation from his route home and they are soon embroiled in diamond wars before they are ensnared once again into helping British troops fighting rampaging be Pedi Tribesmen.
They were equally conscious that the Christian churches have been caught up and ensnared in the conflicts and tensions which have shaped Irish life in past centuries.
From this Gramscian-Marxist perspective, it appears that the great planters became ensnared, no less than the Africans they enslaved, by the "dialectics of events" and the "inexorable logic of their development" (p.
Suddenly, however, Philip Holt ensnared his opponent's K into a mating net by some subtle play when each side had only a K, R and a few pawns on the board.
SIMI VALLEY - A 42-year-old man who tried to tether a shopping cart to a passing freight train died after being ensnared by the cart and dragged for about a mile, authorities said Tuesday.
While the public is reeling over these allegations, still another major college finds itself so ensnared with charges of academic fraud that it withdraws from the NCAA tournament and fires its coach.
As he continued to wind his ensnared torso through his limbs, the choreographer gave the impression that his body was a landscape he was forced to navigate.