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If it's a fishing pole, don't say that it's an icthyological ensnarement solution.
615) Searches of pregnant black drug addicts for evidence of drug abuse presumed harmful to their soon-to-be-born children thus carry the kind of status diminishing stigma associated with ensnarement in the criminal justice system.
923-24), the king hesitates to tread on the sumptuous fabrics his murderous wife has strewn on the palace steps for his ensnarement.
He has a great capacity to write engagingly about complex personal experiences of ensnarement and entailment in Malay social life -- and an ability to find redemptive insight and meaning in them.
His private design, ostensibly a lavish sacrifice for his beloved, is rather her ensnarement.
Indeed, the striking image of the black horseman encircled by the thick coils of the serpent can also be understood to signify the ensnarement of black individuals in a hostile system of racial representation.
Nevertheless, a fraction of future executives still appears susceptible to unethical ensnarement.
At the same time, the bracelet itself is a powerful image of ensnarement and bondage, yet also suggests the freedom of sport.
Having witnessed first-hand the ensnarement of doctors and patients in the Medicare web, I dread the prospect of government health care management.
Opening of the loops is predictable and easily controlled by the physician, allowing precise and definitive ensnarement.
The ensnarement of Americans' everyday communications by a super- secret federal agency is not what the framers of the Constitution intended.