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Unwieldy preservation of all electronic data and email created in the course of business can come back to haunt a corporation when litigation ensues.
Mayhem ensues, and according to Lohan, getting there was half the fun.
Think: Mayhem ensues when Alex (Teri Polo) is nominated for an Oscar in the first of a two-part episode.
If something goes wrong with the product, he concluded, "either by design or defect, and injury ensues, then its makers are held responsible.
When a very tired ant named DreddieLocks visits the very slimy home of three banana slugs, a very sticky situation ensues.
Gossip ensues and as Constance opens up to Morgan, revealing the history of her secret romance, a tragedy occurs causing Morgan to wonder about the nature of fame and the recognition of talent in modern society.
What ensues is a witty farce as Mickey attempts to trail the alleged victim, figure out a way to cut his own classes, and somehow infiltrate the youngster's school to observe any misdeeds.