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The state as the ensurer of basic service provision is paired with a population focused on rights and welfare to create a dynamic of reform that will build a strong state.
The researchers now recognized the value of enrolling this group and this led to a re-presentation of the ABC approach, w ith a new emphasis upon ABC an ensurer of quality product delivery.
Repeating his view that a stable paper currency is theoretically possible, doubts remained: "But what is to ensure the inflexible adherence of the Legislative Ensurer to their own principles and purposes?
The superintendent of the future will also serve as a broker of services and as an ensurer of equity.
r "It will set out what we expect x fromr all learnersr fromr age fivei to14 in literacr yc and numeru acr yc and will ensurer that literacr yac ndnumeru acr yc arer embedded inthe curriculum.