enter into detail

References in classic literature ?
My eyes were upon the loser of this duel when he got his last and vanquishing wound--it was in his face and it carried away his--but no matter, I must not enter into details.
I've said it to you twenty times, don't enter into details.
Moncharmin shrugged his shoulders, as though to say that he did not wish to enter into details, and Richard began to think that Moncharmin was treating him in a very insupportable fashion.
If there had been anything special on Arthur's mind in the previous conversation, it was clear he was not inclined to enter into details, and Mr.
Well I cannot enter into details just now: but it is necessary to explain that to embalm(properly speaking), in Egypt, was to arrest indefinitely all the animal functions subjected to the process.
Vasil Grudev also announced his ministry had halted public procurement procedures launched by predecessors, as the Health Ministry did on Thursday, though he refused to enter into details.
bg, which cites CEZ representatives, negotiations are already taking place, but officials from the company have declined to enter into details.