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In the event of the borrower's default, make sure your loan documents expressly provide you with the right to enter upon the property and take all of the necessary steps to complete the project.
Amateurs (scratch handicap or better) can also enter upon payment of a pounds 40 entry fee, with the leading amateur winning a pounds 100 voucher.
Second, while many of our students are already campus leaders, the world of campus leadership, while valuable, does not necessarily represent the world these students will enter upon graduation nor are the skills necessarily the same as those required in broader society.
After two people have been admitted, additional individuals can enter upon ID verification.
In the letter, of which the Racing Post has obtained a copy, Cearns writes: ``The management and local stewards will not permit ANYONE to enter upon the track from three hours prior to racing or trials and then only to do so with the express permission of the racing manager Jess Packer.
Wireless connectivity is important, says Bottum, "but having wireless access across campus has another major impact on Purdue students; it prepares them for the high-tech business world that they will enter upon graduation.
A government agent, in the same manner as a private person, may accept an invitation to do business and may enter upon the premises for the very purposes contemplated by the occupant.
Anyone convicted of a crime which, if committed in Canada would be an indictable offence, and any one convicted of two or more offences which would be prosecuted by summary conviction within this country, are also considered inadmissible to Canada, but immigration authorities have the power to permit such persons to enter upon their agreeing to certain terms and conditions.
Cambridge University Press are to be congratulated on publishing a translation of a large-scale work of continental scholarship on the Middle Ages, at a time when it is all too hard to persuade publishers to enter upon such projects.
The 1937 definition stated that vocational guidance was "the process of assisting the individual to choose an occupation, prepare for it, enter upon it, and progress in it" (Super, 1951 p.
Both Stotts and Rohls enter upon the issue of Reformed confessional particularity over against, for instance, Lutheranism.
The study discovered the ``chaotic, violent, risky and dynamic world the foster youths enter upon leaving care,'' wrote authors Walter M.