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This study was supported by the National Reference Center for Enteric Viruses and the Public Hospital of Dijon, France.
1995) and that these pathogens are bioaccumulated by shellfish, the occurrence of significant levels of enteric viruses being discharged in sewage effluent can pose a considerable health hazard to shellfish consumers.
Although many enteric viruses from a number of viral families have been associated with water- and foodborne disease, HAV and NoVs are the leading causes of water- and foodborne illness (Table I) and most of the viruses associated with foodborne disease are of human origin.
Evaluation of the persistence of enteric viruses in the environment; and
Failure of such indicator bacteria standards to reflect the occurrence of enteric viruses has been described previously (Borchardt et al.
In recent years, international epidemiological evidence suggests that human enteric viruses, principally Noroviruses and hepatitis A virus, are now the most common aetiological agents transmitted by fresh bivalve shellfish (Lees 2000).
of Hong Kong, China), Anderson (respiratory and enteric viruses, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US), Osterhaus (virology, Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands), Stohr (Global Influenza Programme, CDS/CSR/RMD, Switzerland), and Yuen (microbiology, U.
Acute diarrhea in West African children: diverse enteric viruses and a novel parvovirus genus.
2000) made a three-year investigation on NVs and other human enteric viruses in Pacific oysters and Mediterranean blue mussels cultured in France.
METHODS: We tested groundwater wells for fecal indicators, enteric viruses and bacteria, and protozoa (Cryptosporidium and Giardia).