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McFate does not see mercenaries and enterprisers in the same light.
46) In that context, the interviewees remained either economic operators or enterprisers, but their customers, being consumers, were neither.
government's role as an enterpriser and its role as an arbiter of
34) These enterprisers innovated in the market, adopting new technologies or procedures in the productive process.
He groups what he calls 'wealth creators' into four classes: the expert, such as vacuum cleaner specialist Sir James Dyson, who is focused on a very niche area; the corporate, who makes things happen by harnessing the power of an organisation and its people, such as Dragons' Den's James Caan; the enterpriser, who sees market opportunities to exploit, like Simon Woodroffe who brought the Yo
Capital's economic rent is any' unjustifiable excess or profit beyond what would satisfy an alternative capitalist or enterpriser engaged in the same undertaking, not just that deriving from government-created restraints on trade.
Laoban is, therefore, an enterpriser who owns and uses any means of production.
One of first steps was detection of typical European enterpriser and selecting of key requests of these unites for manufacturing information system.
Beijing EnterpriseR Capital Goods Hong Kong 1,858 2.
2) Because some consumer surplus usually exists, of course, what consumers pay an enterpriser is generally less than the whole value they place on it, so the whole value created is greater than the enterpriser's profit, but I don't always take time to make this distinction.
The findings are part of the seventh annual Enterpriser Survey recently undertaken by accountants Ernst & Young in advance of the launch of the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2006 awards programme this month.

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