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McFate does not see mercenaries and enterprisers in the same light.
While the market organization, structure, forces are different, the lessons from the consumer-technology revolution are becoming perfectly relevant to the enterpriser throughout industries and the spectra of economic activity.
An economic operator is required to register with the government, (39) while an enterpriser must file a declaration.
We are very interested to support young enterprisers.
Extreme Networks' approach to the next generation data centre infrastructure provides intelligence for virtualization, converged storage and software defined networking, 20 terabit scale and an open systems approach that lets enterprisers grow their networks with best-of-breed technologies to adapt to the needs of virtualization, mobility and in dealing with Big Data.
We say we need to create 100,000; 200,000, 500,000 jobs; actually what we should be saying is we need to create 100,000 new little enterprisers.
Johansson and Uden draw on theories of the Nobel prize winning economist Michael Spence on signaling costs to analyze three cases, which show how women enterprisers and women-dominated sectors face higher signaling costs compared to men dominated sectors.
34) These enterprisers innovated in the market, adopting new technologies or procedures in the productive process.
A French Rafale M combat aircraft performs a catapult-assisted launch from the flight deck of USS Enterprisers.
Yet while the educational system has nailed the process of developing the best learners, America is still in the dark about cultivating gifted enterprisers.
Thus, notable free enterprisers include both hawks (for example, Thomas Sowell, George Shultz, and Walter Williams) and doves (for example, Thomas Gale Moore, David Henderson, and Donald Boudreaux) in their views about U.
Unlike businessmen and manufacturers, who "can either be genuine free enterprisers or statists," bankers, dependent on the state's credit expansion and protection of fractional reserve banking, "are inherently inclined toward statism.

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