entertain doubts

References in classic literature ?
As to the second supposed advantage, there is still greater reason to entertain doubts concerning it.
The captain, however, began to entertain doubts that Fitzpatrick and his trappers, who kept profound silence as to their future movements, intended to hunt the same grounds which he had selected for his autumnal campaign; which lay to the west of the Horn River, on its tributary streams.
In spite of herself she began to entertain doubts and fears.
Phaidor, though loath to believe that Issus was allied to such as these, had commenced to entertain doubts and fears.
If you twist in that way you will make me pull the hair out of your head; and then I think you will cease to entertain doubts of my substantiality.
Rockefeller was, Smith says, ''too busy doing to entertain doubts.
57) </pre> <p>Wolin notes that Christians could entertain doubts about political obligation because they were members of an alternative politics.
So what if, in exercising your intellectual liberty, you begin to entertain doubts about the "concept of objective truth"?