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Ashenburg entertainingly shows in text and images that cleanliness is a cultural construct.
Conversely, Crane, in red cagoule and with umbrella to hand, is an engaging companion, whether on horseback, bike, foot, boat or car, and writes entertainingly throughout.
Real estate executive and radio talk show host Jeff Beals provides real-world examples and entertainingly illustrative anecdotal stories in "Self Marketing Power: Branding Yourself As A Business Of One" to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a kind of do-it-yourself instruction manual and guide for building a personal brand name recognition targeted at specific personal audiences.
It's very well-researched and entertainingly written, but decidedly an opinionated account.
She's lonely and pining for him, but soon meets some entertainingly wacky neighbors, from impudent five-year-old Dootsie to angry adolescent Alvina, kind but agrophobic Betsy Lou, widowed Charlie, who talks to his dead wife in the graveyard daily, and handsome Perry, a thief who almost steals Stargirl's heart.
But what starts out as a lark soon turns disastrous as they run afoul of a massive biker gang led by the cheerfully sadistic Jack (Ray Liotta, entertainingly working in his villainous Something Wild mode).
Some of his journals, among them his account of the Gordon Relief Expedition, have been published, and provide an entertainingly candid and indiscreet commentary on the operations, politics and personalities of these small wars.
Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy'' is a pointedly, cheekily and, above all, entertainingly heartfelt rallying cry for all women who have ever feared the specter of breast cancer.
Gardner has deftly and entertainingly explained concepts such as probability, combinatorics, physics, and geometry through his recreational mathematics.
Originally published more than twenty years ago, "Apple Tree Christmas" is an entertainingly written picturebook by award-winning children's book author Trinka Hakes Noble which is enhanced with her watercolor artistry.
Post No Bills" arrived in the gallery's main space at the start of the summer, but transcended its quiet slot by mobilizing a multigenerational roster of more than seventy contributors that included everyone from Fiona Banner to Allen Ruppersberg, Rirkrit Tiravanija to John Waters (the last entertainingly represented by Visit Marfa, 2003, as seen on the cover of the Summer 2004 issue of Artforum).

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