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There are statements in Bourdieu's text that make me certain he would indignantly resist this claim; regardless, The Rules of Art is consistently interesting, sometimes enthrallingly so.
It rattles enthrallingly along with plenty of sex and intrigue to complement solid central performances.
An enthrallingly end-to-end first half jolted into life after 12 minutes when Julien Drexler played a neat reverse pass into Jan Klaus Huntelaar who swept the ball wide from a tight angle.
Recalling the people's relocation from their homes to "terrible flats and estates", he added: "This forced rehousing and destruction of this chaotic but enthrallingly beautiful city burns me to this day.
SO Celtic's momentous UEFA Cup run ended admirably, enthrallingly but agonisingly in extra time.
Stourbridge clinched their 21st league victory of the season - a club record - and their highest finish in the league system with third place in an enthrallingly close encounter with combative Southend, who were on top for most of the first half.
and now, memorably, improbably, enthrallingly six minutes from the end of one of the most absorbing games of football even this stadium has ever staged.
Dense and earnestly crafted with an enthrallingly varied palette of orchestral colours, Offertorium's uncompromising intellectual demands were brilliantly fulfilled.
But, for the hordes crammed into Villa Park, the blood and thunder of this gritty, often-maligned version of the game rarely presented itself as enthrallingly as it did here.