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The Enthused came to watch us at the festival and we're grateful for their support.
Are they enthused or setting an example of total boredom?
Edwards is still enthused about the iBook program, which received national attention last smnmer when it was announced during an Apple press conference.
We are enthused to partner with BEA to help customers leverage their existing investments in content management, resulting in an improved ROI for their portals and other enterprise applications, such as extranets and CRM solutions.
ENTHUSED has been retired to join the Niarchos family's mares at stud.
I try to open their eyes to the varied careers available, so they can self-actualize, and be thrilled and enthused rather than just simply working hard for the money.
Troup were "optimistic" about general coverage of religious issues, they were t less enthused about front-page treatment.
Evidence shows that pupils will take science further if they have been enthused by it early on.
It's a big step, because it gives people another option," enthused British researcher Mohammed Taranissi, a member of the bi-national team that conducted the procedure.
He's a jazz artist who actually has the classical technique of a fine classical player,'' enthused Victor Vener, conductor of the California Philharmonic.
Sir Michael Stoute runs both Karasta and Enthused after they pleased in their final workouts on Thursday morning.