entire number

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The entire number of the Indians, within the Union, is differently computed, at between one and three hundred thousand souls.
And as for the experiments that others have already made, even although these parties should be willing of themselves to communicate them to him (which is what those who esteem them secrets will never do), the experiments are, for the most part, accompanied with so many circumstances and superfluous elements, as to make it exceedingly difficult to disentangle the truth from its adjuncts- besides, he will find almost all of them so ill described, or even so false (because those who made them have wished to see in them only such facts as they deemed conformable to their principles), that, if in the entire number there should be some of a nature suited to his purpose, still their value could not compensate for the time what would be necessary to make the selection.
4% who defaulted, the entire number of households in Gwynedd would be a mere 1,176 - whereas in April this year there were an estimated 49,200 - and 3.
This case is valuable enough that we supply a method that gives reasonable security bounds for the entire number, and also gives the valuable property of being able to either decrypt the entire number or just the last four digits, which are often used in customer service applications for confirmation purposes.
trustees of Beese Family Trust, is in respect of the entire number of
General secretary Bob Crow said: "Unless management sit down and resolve this very, very quickly then our executive committee will be balloting the entire number of signal workers, in England and Wales as well.
14 of these sires have five or more finals to their credit, their collective total being 214, nearly two-thirds of the entire number.
As he explained in his book More Guns, Less Crime, while it might turn out that as more people carry handguns that there are more accidents, it is also true the "number of murders prevented exceeded the entire number of accidental deaths.
At times the entire number was hitched to one wagon in order to get the vehicle through the almost bottomless morasses that they negotiated.
This level of new evaluations of EX-CYTE(r) during the first quarter of 2004 exceeded the entire number of new evaluations achieved during the full year 2003.
The court later addressed the allocation issue, stating "an individual insurer's share of the damages is determined by multiplying the settlement or judgment amount by a fraction that has as its denominator the entire number of years of the claimant's injury, and as its numerator the number of years within the period when the policy was in effect.
That tally was only five short of the entire number in Zimbabwe's innings, one dominated by tight bowling and uncertainty over the pace and bounce of the track.