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It's a succinct description of the mind-set of psychologically entitled employees who feel they simply deserve success, promotions, admiration, and commendation without demonstrating the merit, high performance, or qualifications to warrant such rewards.
Larmondin's November editorial, entitled Why it was impossible for us to sign declaration, won an honourable mention for best editorial;
19--The New York Commercial Real Estate Women will hold its networking event, entitled "The ABC's of Leasing and Building Out Office Space with NYCREW Connections" from 6:00 p.
His research article entitled, "Performance-Based Logistics-Barriers and Enablers to Effective Implementation," considers the practical aspects of PBL and identifies those items within this practice that can lead to a successful endeavor and those barriers that can confound and seriously effect its successful implementation.
Under IRC section 7430, in certain cases taxpayers are entitled to reimbursement of reasonable litigation costs and attorney fees.
Unless the S shareholders incur an economic outlay on debt that the corporation owes to third parties, the shareholders are not entitled to increase their bases in their stock by the debt's amount.
In a brief amicus curiae filed with the Supreme Court of the United States, Tax Executives Institute called revenue rulings mere litigating positions of the Internal Revenue Service that are not entitled to deference by the courts.
The 39-year-old woman, who was a tax preparer in the South Bay area, allegedly claimed under her name and two aliases that she purchased nearly 75,000 gallons of gasoline in 1992 and 1993 and was entitled to more than $10,000 in tax credits, Mrozek said.
The article, entitled "Fake CD Are a Growth Industry in China," said counterfeit CDs "accounted for an estimated $2.
3) Under the FMLA, persons who have worked for their employer a total of 12 months and at least 1,250 hours during the year preceding the start of any qualifying leave are entitled to take up to 12 weeks' leave in a 12-month period(4) for:
5-hour course, entitled "Property Management Certificate," from 6:00 p.
She objected, arguing she was entitled to innocent spouse relief.