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The Raising of the Cross, for instance, is indebted to Caravaggio's Crucifixion of St Peter in Santa Maria del Popolo and The Entombment to Caravaggio's Entombment, today in the Vatican Museums but then in the Chiesa Nuova.
Entombment and exhumation, metaphor and metonymy, and figurative and literal are among the dichotomies that Perdigao (English, Florida Institute of Technology) encounters as she explores how 20th-century American writers represent loss and the possibility of recovery.
CHILE'S trapped miners cheered and embraced when a drill punched an escape shaft into an underground chamber on the 66th day of their entombment, opening the way for rescuers to set plans to begin lifting the men out by midweek.
Private entombment will be at Springfield Memorial Gardens.
A prime example was the little boy's joyous gesture as he was rescued from days of entombment.
FIREFIGHTER'S JOY MADE MY DAY I AM carrying an image in my mind of that little boy's joyous gesture as he was rescued from days of entombment in Haiti.
First, cremations can be pre-arranged just as people pre-plan for ground burial and mausoleum entombment.
In the final scene, sulfur-hued powder flurried down on the group, resulting in a ghostly entombment.
The exhibit differs from the 1978 tour, when Tut was last in Los Angeles, with a wider variety of artifacts as well as computer animations of Tut's multilayered entombment and images of the mummy as Carter unearthed it in 1922.
but has no American distributor; Ulysses' entombment atop so many best-of lists is the sort of tribute that ensures nobody will ever have to read it or think about it again; even the Republic of Ireland has only recently begun to embrace Joyce, after decades of scrupulous neglect, and largely as a means of capitalizing on Bloomsday tourism.
They have posited death in the form of crystalline inertia (Robert Smithson), weightless dispersion (Andy Warhol), theatrical entombment (Paul Thek), subterranean surveillance (Bruce Nauman), ritualized grief (Gordon Matta-Clark), or delusional grandeur (Bas Jan Ader).
modernity in religious art, the mid-sixteenth-century religious crisis that pitted artistic ambition against the needs of religious art, and the evolution of visual representations of Christ's Entombment.