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While his compatriots remain entranced by the mourning ritual, this transfixed man, entranced by the camera, looks into the eyes of the audience, captivating them in the entrancement of a staring contest.
The tendency to descent, to involvement, even entrancement, with the earthly and the tendency to ascent, to transcendence, can be experienced metaphorically as femininity and masculinity, complementary energies operating in all of us.
They will scan the murky winter air for his twinkle-toed boots and settle back for a night of entrancement from a Fergie fledgling with the football world acting like a butler to his clarion call.
In its more benign forms, it is a lackluster life of empty work, alternating with soul-numbing entrancement to the television each night alter work because one is too exhausted and soul-drained to do anything else.
Instead,at 16,having underachieved in her GCSEs, she set off for Barcelona on the strength of half-decent Spanishand an entrancement with the city's mythology.
enabling entrancement, the roots of identity and both societal and
Certainly during the sequences of the "Vision" in which the speaker's guide and interlocutor, namely Rousseau or "what was once Rousseau," recounts the story of his own entrancement (305-525), we find the poem spiralling into perhaps the most extended and extravagant aesthetic figurations and experiences in this extravagant poet's brief career.
As Armstrong argues, the entrancement of Merlin is symbolic of the photographic process itself, where the subject is fixed in a frame where s/he will stand, bewitched and static, for ever--what Armstrong calls "the trancelike stillness of the gaze and the mute frozenness of the photograph" (p.