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Soon the party was near me, and from the black shadows of my entranceway I perceived a score of mounted warriors, who, in passing, dropped a dozen words that fetched my heart clean into the top of my head.
For a moment he stood motionless just within the entranceway, listening.
Gamco Corporation, one of the New York Metro Area's leading fabricators of special fenestration products and architectural metals, supplied the six-story building with all of its fenestration needs--including curtain wall, storefront glass, commercial glass entranceways, aluminum windows, sliding terrace doors, and window louver panels.
Kendzior, founder and president of the National Floor Safety Institute and author of Slip and Fall Prevention Made Easy, is to place proper floor mats near the outside and inside of all business entranceways.
The committee will consider organizing a delegation to the Committee of Adjustment to discuss issues surrounding the establishment of entranceways as they related to severance applications.
Several stones used to form the buildings painted and decorated by the locals in about 3,000 BC, most probably to to enhance important buildings and may have been found in entranceways or areas of the building, which had particular significance.
Police taking immediate action cordoned off all the exit and entranceways of Peshawar Varsity and started search operation in the suburbs of Islamia College Peshawar Varsity.
Olsen and Van Assen set about documenting the rich variety of design reflected in the entranceways to ranches across Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and Texas.
The study recognizes a new trend emerging on hospital campuses in which smoking is prohibited outdoors, at entranceways, on grounds and in parking areas.
Those who have to visit hospitals are only too familiar with the spectacle of groups of smokers, be they staff, patients or visitors, huddled around the entranceways amid clouds of cigarette smoke.
Another in-demand product is the Force 12 wind screens, custom manufactured to protect open areas such as lanais and entranceways.
We run transects throughout the plot checking the entranceways for dogs that were still in the burrows when they met their fate, and for those that tried to drag themselves back to their home before death became the next activity on the list of things to do today.