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Topkamp: Michael Bell's filly won the Listed Cecil Frail Stakes in which Entrap was third
It is not only the case, however, that he attempts to entrap her with counterfeit; he also attempts to use her against herself, that is, as a counterfeit ("to make in opposition or contrast").
Fallon needed to show all of his ice-cool patience to complete the hat trick on Entrap.
Entrap (Kieren Fallon) runs out an impressive winner of the conditions race
We have spent considerable amount of time developing a protocol to entrap retinol, due to the importance that this molecule plays in the personal care marketplace and the benefits that Poly-Pore can add.
Yet in his scenarios, the props seem to come alive and entrap the actors.
The core technology is also being developed to provide a catheter-based solution to entrap plaque which resides in the aortic arch.
The whole day long these touts remain active to entrap the innocent people who come to district courts in connection with their cases", an applicant from a suburban area of Islamabad.
Entrap has sound claims in the Oh So Sharp Stakes (5.
7 French NCompass(R) is the Smallest Tipless Nitinol Basket that Enables Physicians to More Effectively Entrap and Extract Kidney Stones and Fragments
WASHINGTON - Vermont Precision Woodworks is recalling about 990 cribs because slats can come off, creating an opening that could entrap a child's head or neck and cause strangulation.