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First, while we have some reports of entrapments in at least two of these zones, the details about how entrapments occur in all three zones are not definitive.
In addition, there is a need to strengthen employee and first responder training to ensure that appropriate response strategies are in place in case of grain entrapments.
CPSC created Pool Safely: Simple Steps Save Lives, a national public education campaign to reduce childhood drowning, non-fatal submersions and entrapments in public swimming pools and spas.
Petitioners Scott and Diana Anderson allege that entrapment injuries from moving stairs constitute an unreasonable risk of injury.
Adams, who formed the advocacy organization Farm Safety 4 Just Kids shortly after her son's death, said that public awareness and education are the only clear ways to prevent these entrapments.
What's troubling is that members of the APSP Technical Committee and of the ANSI/APSP-7 writing committee have been alerting public health officials in the state of Kentucky, informing them that the existing state rules did not protect against all forms of entrapment," said Carvin DiGiovanni, APSP's Senior Director for Standards and Government Relations.
Pool Safely Campaign Aims to Reduce Child Drownings and Entrapments
CPSC added that it is aware of seven infant entrapments and 55 incidents in these cribs.
One limitation of the report data is that many adverse events may not be reported to the FDA; thus, the true number of bedrail entrapments may be unknown.
Escalator entrapments have occurred for more than 40 years, far longer than Crocs has been in business, and these accidents often are preventable.
The goal is zero entrapments," said Rolf Classon, president and CEO of Hill-Rom.