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The father of this pleasant grandfather, of the neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant, was a horny-skinned, two-legged, money-getting species of spider who spun webs to catch unwary flies and retired into holes until they were entrapped.
Reality' got me so entrapped in its meshes now and again during the past six months, that I forgot my
He was filled with a bitter sense of being entrapped.
Had Emily entrapped him into a secret correspondence with her?
He declared that he had been entrapped into a private marriage with a profligate woman when he was little more than a lad.
You have been entrapped into marrying a man who has been publicly accused of poisoning his first wife--and who has not been honorably and completely acquitted of the charge.
A yell of exultation, and a forest of waving steel through the length and breadth of their column, announced that they could at last see their entrapped enemies, while the swelling notes of a hundred bugles and drums, mixed with the clash of Moorish cymbals, broke forth into a proud peal of martial triumph.
He had been moody ever since he was entrapped into being fiction editor.
No wonder the cunning monarch laughed good naturedly with his visitors, when he knew how easily they might be entrapped.
He had made up his mind never to see her again, and she had entrapped him into an interview.
Mistaken in supposing that Horace had left the house, Julian had, beyond all doubt, been equally in error in concluding that he had been entrapped into breaking off the engagement upstairs.
Nothing transpired, however, to confirm this suspicion, and Tim could not be entrapped into any confession or admission tending to support it in the smallest degree.