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Given that it's difficult not to view volcanic activity in Biblical terms 'for forty-two days and nights the fires of earth assailed the villagers'--it's fitting that at the heart of the Laki story lies the 'Fire Mass': the service Steingrimsson held while lava flowed towards the village of Klaustur, In the church, itself under threat, he entreated his parishioners to pray for divine intervention.
Pussy Riot gained international attention in 2012 after barging into Moscow's main cathedral and performing a ''punk prayer'' in which they entreated the Virgin Mary to save Russia from Putin, who was on the verge of returning to the Russian presidency for a third term.
org, a website that usually publishes the scholar's speeches, GE-len cited how beautifully and elegantly Moses entreated the Pharaoh Ramses to let his people leave Egypt.
The last Mr Gaidan heard from, The Daily Telegraph said, was a brief phone call some time later during which he entreated his son to return home but Shamseddin refused.
He said, "When we were about to openly oppose the decision of the ITAK, our supporters and diaspora community in the West urged us not to show our dissent openly, which might help the ruling party to win seats easily and they entreated us to bear with the ITAK for the time being and go ahead with election together with the ITAK.
Trumping government officials, sponsors and even some of the Bollywood stars including Vivek Oberoi, Ritesh Deshmukh, Diya Mirza and Boman Irani, Sangakkara made an impassioned plea, thanked the organisers for choosing Colombo as a venue and entreated them to "enjoy Sri Lankan spirit".
She entreated people not to break out into fighting.
Since 1995 when Unocal (now Chevron) officials entreated the Taliban for permission to construct a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan via Afghanistan, the U.
This lack of fresh meat poses a major problem for the fanged fiends and undead scientist Edward (Ethan Hawke) is entreated by his boss Charles (Sam Neill) to find a substitute for human blood to keep the vampire population thriving.