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The police have warned the public, especially men, not to respond to such entreaties and immediately notify the police.
Facebook has emerged as one of the biggest Silicon Valley companies to have resisted rivals' entreaties to stop poaching each other's employees, according to emails between the No.
Many of our most-loved towns and villages have only earned such entreaties because they have resisted such commercialisation.
Like a child I will sit here, refusing all entreaties to Come in, come
Obama's entreaties after five years of rude dismissals.
I have heard from some school nurses that, despite my entreaties, they have been told not to speak to their commissioners.
We have sent countless applications to the concerned authorities for restoration of water supply but all our entreaties have fallen flat, said a group of house wives.
From all political hues, from every level of society, will come the entreaties against an over-reaction.
Which shows you what American entreaties are worth today.
Harrison orders Brigadier General James Winchester to move on Fort Malden, but entreaties from Frenchtown convince the Tennessee officer to send half his troops to shore up the River Raisin settlement--a decision that proves disastrous.
Hardly of the caliber of stronger, fest-traveling Turkish films, this Sundance special jury prizewinner will draw minor Euro buyers and fest entreaties.
She also dismisses the entreaties of the American ambassador to settle the dispute peacefully, suggesting that as a woman she has had to "go to war every day" to maintain her hold on power.