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The three-tier account structure clearly segregates and isolates the automated entrustment loan operations so that a one-to-one relationship is established between each participant and the pool header, using the tier two and three accounts.
her complaint, plaintiff alleges that Americar is liable for her injuries by virtue of Americar's negligent entrustment of the car to Scott.
In response, the trucking company admits an agency relationship with its employee driver and then moves to dismiss the negligent hiring, retention, and entrustment claim.
The bill would not block legitimate actions against the firearm industry for cases involving defective firearms, breaches of contract, criminal behavior by a firearm manufacturer or seller, or the negligent entrustment of a firearm to an irresponsible person," said Senator Max Baucus, a Democrat who co-sponsored the bill along with Senator Larry Craigh (R-Idaho).
Only in the case of the Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales has any of the organisations shown any positive attitude, above indifference, and in their case they stand to gain from the entrustment of the reserve to them.
Coupled with an entrustment from Haas Automation, Inc.
41) Upon finding an entrustment by an innocent owner, the Court justified forfeiture as a means of deterring owners from transferring their property to those who may misuse it.
Should a clear-cut injury case arise from negligent hiring or entrustment, McIver recommended settling rather than litigating "because you should have known" if an employee's background indicated a likelihood he or she would cause injury, damage or loss.