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While the High Court may be able to reign in the power of the Orthodox, the legal entwinement of religion and state will preclude it from being able to become fully "Americanized" in regards to matters of religion.
These discourses occur in inseparable entwinement in most if not all discourses on practical problems--that is, in situations in which numerous persons or groups with an interest in the outcome engage in thematising the issues, clarifying their approaches, and constructing a consensual outcome.
The entwinement of JCM and JIF is one of many reasons why the
Instead of seeing The Chimes, then, as a story that pits moral disinterestedness against immoral economics, it can be seen as a story that narrates the modern entwinement of the economic and the ethical, and the necessity of negotiating the influence of the outside world on working-class identity.
Such entwinement, but a rather regular relationship with U, can be seen on the ABC diagrams of elements (Fig.
A Post-Modernist Reading of the Obama-Osama Entwinement in History "The man whom George W Bush declared war on Afghanistan to capture as "Wanted: Dead or Alive" has been killed by his Presidential successor, Barack Obama.
Grant had no doubt that Canada's business class would urge even tighter continental integration with the United States, even if that meant the entwinement of the country's fate with a declining empire.
Toward the end of this passage, which describes the entwinement of his physical journey with the one of discovery, he includes the phrase "as I near the final days of liquidation" (Zable 1991:163).
12 (noting that "five state action tests can be distilled from the Supreme Court's state action decisional law: the symbiotic relationship, public function, close nexus, joint participation, and pervasive entwinement tests"); see also Brentwood Acad.
However, the entwinement language used in Brentwood Academy does not appear to disturb the public function test, as articulated in Metropolitan Edison, but instead signals a possible expansion of state action where factual circumstances reveal substantial government involvement.
Their entwinement means that Catholic Christianity is not an affair primarily of the solitary soul's post-earthly salvation.