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A further concern about performing an enucleation is the extent of disfigurement that occurs because of the large size of the eye in birds of prey.
Malignant melanoma of the uvea is usually treated with episcleral plaque brachytherapy, charged particle radiation therapy or enucleation.
This is similar to the criteria adopted by the Children's Oncology Group for a phase III study of patients with and without HRFs following primary enucleation.
Key words: Radicular Cyst, Enucleation, Primary Molar, Pulp therapy
About 24 percent of subjects had visual field deficits, while 38 percent of subjects sustained vision loss that ranged from moderate to total blindness as a result of visual acuity, visual field loss, and/or bilateral enucleation.
Diagnosis of orbital masses rarely necessitates enucleation or an open biopsy, and fine needle aspiration biopsy is generally sufficient for patients known to have a primary cancer.
We therefore concluded that the detection of TUNEL-positive erythroblasts may reflect a normal physiologic stage of erythroid differentiation associated with chromatin condensation and subsequent enucleation.
The patient underwent an enucleation procedure on July 11, 1995.
Holmium laser bladder neck incision versus holmium enucleation of the prostate as outpatient procedures for prostates less than 40 grams: A randomized trial.
Enucleation is the traditional approach to treating choroidal melanomas and it is the preferred treatment for large (basal diameter >15mm and height >10mm) and complicated tumours which compromise visual function and where other therapies have failed.
A student can graduate having helped correct a cor triatriatum (3 atria) dexter but having never seen an enucleation.