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This is the system of transcendential equations, which have enumerable solutions - eigenvalues [[omega].
With respect to the topic discussed in this article, the lecturer summarized methods for proving whether a given language is recursive, recursively enumerable, or neither of these two options.
Industry is in need of individuals who are able to conjure novel ideas for new products, advertising campaigns, packages, training programs, competitive strategies and tactics, and enumerable other elements (Gilbert & Bower, 2002).
Wicked problems do not have an enumerable (or an exhaustively describable) set of potential solutions.
In addition to the annual appropriations acts, the annual DoD authorization acts set forth enumerable and often program-specific conditions and authorizations that specify the purposes for which the individual appropriations may be expended.
Fuzzy grammars and recursively enumerable fuzzy languages.
15) By adding E-Prime to a list of enumerable techniques, we implicitly define E-Prime as a tool that one can casually use or not use on a whim.
Once on board as a partner, the relationship of trust that ensues between the real estate service professionals and the client creates enumerable benefits beyond those of good process and better deals," he said.
The writer does not invent, but only simulates an insane person," and "Women in the discourse network of 1900 are enumerable singulars, irreducible to the One Woman or Nature.
The team has worked to create investor awareness in enumerable "up-and-coming" operating titans as they have begun their assent in the public arena including Force Protection, (FRPT), ZAGG, Inc.
It is noteworthy that to the readers to realise that Sudan has the fifth largest army in the African continent with 110000 regular combatants besides the enumerable militias and mercenary recruits.
The class of languages accepted by PDA is the class of context-free languages which strictly includes the class of regular languages (accepted by finite state automata) and is strictly contained in the class of recursive enumerable languages (accepted by Turing machines).