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Hitherto I had thought too much of myself, too little of him: now I forgot my own afflictions, and thought only of his; of the ardent affection so miserably wasted, the fond faith so cruelly betrayed, the - no, I will not attempt to enumerate his wrongs - but I hated his wife and my husband more intensely than ever, and not for my sake, but for his.
The advantages of words for purposes of thought are so great that I should never end if I were to enumerate them.
You enumerate the heads of difference, one by one, and he says 'Yes?
Martin continued: "Being able to accurately enumerate so many types of colonies on different agars is a task very few automated colony counters can perform well and this study validates the ProtoCOL 3's versatility for this application.
The conventional plating method used to enumerate Listeria and L.
The BJP has been in a bit of a fix over their strong endorsement in Parliament of the suggestion to enumerate OBCs in the ongoing census.
Q Our lab recently purchased a cell counter that will enumerate nucleated red blood cells (nRBCs) and report a corrected white blood cell count (WBC) if the size of the nRBCs is at the threshold for triggering a cellular interference flag.
enumerate the key influenza genes responsible for human pathogenicity, their roles in past pandemics, and the potential of avian influenza virus strains to evolve into highly pathogenic and transmissible viruses for human populations.
Limited in number and written broadly, the principles enumerate the essential elements of military judgment.
Once we ascertain the value of our knowledge assets, we must enumerate the threats.
That category, meant to count unmarried heterosexual couples, also can be used to enumerate gay and lesbian couples.