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However, our association, for the past 14 years that different administrations have been toying with this mode of enumeration for compensation, has been rejecting it, not because it's not only inadequate, but also, we see it as a callous means to take away our inheritance, by which the over 120 families would become homeless
When contacted, PPP's parliamentary leader in the upper house of the parliament, Senator Taaj Haider confirmed that the party was yet to decide on its support to the government's bill and wanted the government to respond to its proposals submitted on post-census enumerations.
Senator Taj Haider demanded the formation of a mutually agreed 'Census Commission' comprising of recognized demographers to supervise and undertake the Post Enumeration Survey.
We say that the enumeration of powers limits Congress, but we don't act as if it does.
There are good reasons that the enumeration principle is so familiar.
That report outlines the methodology, results, and recommendations of the first phase of the enumeration project (U MI & U KY, 2012).
Enumeration is similarly important because any claimed health effects supported by study trial data would also be specific to the level of intake.
The Census and Statistics Department has finally fixed the dates for the enumeration stage of the 2011 census from February 27 to March 21 to give a correct idea of the population and housing in Sri Lanka in its post conflict scenario.
Now is a very good time for participating in the e-census, because the system load is low and the enumeration should go quite fast," said Priit Potisepp, director general of Statistics Estonia.
Maybe four of the 12 align nicely with the reporting requirements, but the other eight require the lender to decide how to map them into the six enumerations provided by the regulator.
Modified Giolitti and Cantoni Broth (ISO) is used for the detection and enumeration of coagulase-positive staphylococci, including Staphylococcus aureus, from food and animal feeding stuffs using the Most Probable Number technique according to ISO 6888-3:2003.
Recalling the first phase of census enumeration, Ahmed said that the separatists and mainstream politicians of the restive Valley supported the process.