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The enunciation of the veteran warrior had been calm, but distinct, and decided.
he went on, with a long-drawn guttural enunciation, taking out his snuff-box, the only luxury he had left himself, and tapping it with something of his old air of defiance.
The five-member Constitution Bench was constituted to take a call on the issue after a three-judge bench had on February 25 referred the case to a larger bench, saying it was extremely important to have a clear enunciation of law in view of inconsistent opinions on the issue in its previous judgment.
Some of the section titles give a good sense of the content: the historical- cultural role of public opinion, public opinion as theatre, and the operation of public opinion as enunciation.
Just as Sting co-opted the rhythms and enunciation of Jamaican reggae in the heyday of The Police, Levine and co merge dance and hip-hop techniques into endearingly structured but often lettuce leaf-limp songs.
They had some great moments, including a thrilling crescendo in "And He shall purify", some excellent enunciation in "For unto us a child is born", nimble singing in "His yoke is easy" and "He trusted in God", plus a genuinely exultant shout at the start of "Let us break their bonds asunder".
His crystal enunciation of the French text brought Maeterlinck's words clearly to the fore and served to anchor solidly the story that can too easily dissolve into the mists of the unknowing and the unknowable.
In one way, he might have been at a disadvantage politically for a speech impediment over his enunciation of the letter ``R'' which, allied to his first name of Roy, led him to be mocked as ``Woy'', but somehow he transcended the lampooning, and the mispronunciation became a badge of honour and a term of endearment.
In revising his well-known study published in 1983, Montaigne, la glose et l'essai, Andre Tournon views the writings on the beams as just one more instance of the enunciation of Montaigne's thought, to be viewed in the global context of the Essais and considered in their various iterations: "Les sentences gravees sur les poutres de la 'librairie' de Montaigne sont isolees .
To Forget You''), the most famous and elaborate of Mozart's self-standing arias, she rebounded, her enunciation more pointed, her sound more full-bodied, open and textured, and her manner more heartfelt.
But hard-core aficionados will appreciate Sondheim's crisp enunciation and fantastic piano playing on "Love Is in the Air," "Don't Look at Me," and "Pleasant Little Kingdom.
The explanatory principle used here is alternation-telescoping between autonomous diegesis (de-centering the narration from the narrative moment, with SP) and linked diegesis (rooting the narration in the situation of the fictitious enunciation, with SP, as if the narrator did not want to let the events narrate themselves) or between two French temporal sub-systems (the present centering on the PRES and the past centering on the SP/IMP pair).