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Nonwovens disinfectant products have a higher potency than what is normally required for an enveloped virus, such as Ebola.
However, dense fog that had enveloped Indira Gandhi International Airport disrupted the schedule of over 40 flights, including diversions of eight to other cities.
They are effective in eliminating vegetative bacteria and enveloped viruses.
For the real connoisseur, nine of London Tea's most popular flavoured teas and tisanes are presented in an exquisite gifting tin, making a fabulous gift of 72 enveloped tea bags
It's cool though, it can sort of fade into the background and then whenever you do something simple like get up and go to the bathroom it makes things seem really drastic and poetic: He was enveloped/ He was enveloped once more into the arena of his own desire.
In the movie, once the Blob was released, it methodically grew from within itself and slowly but surely enveloped, smothered and killed everything and everyone it touched.
A superbly crafted mystery, The Blood Knot is very highly recommended reading as a man who's only intentions are peacefully fly fishing in country finds himself enveloped in peculiar happenings and a genuine "who done it" conundrum.
It is a question with deep significance in an age of fast-moving electronic journalism where reporters, officials, and others in the glare of the studio and camera lights are often enveloped in a frenetic rush to judgment.
Two dancers (Maya de Silva Chafe and Monica Herrera were summer replacements for La Meira and Laura Montes) are enveloped in the throaty chants of cantaor David Castellano and the strummed punctuation of guitarist Christian Puig.
Dark Polaris snowmobiles stand dormant in a row, their cinematic image dissolving slowly into crags of glacial ice, so that shimmering silver logos are superimposed, for a moment, on a sublime landscape--as if all of nature's territories were somehow tamed, enveloped, swallowed whole by the crystalline lettering.
But those tragic deaths merely foreshadowed the hideous events of April 19th: The prolonged gassing of the Davidians' church complex by the FBI; the ensuing fire that enveloped the complex; and the horrifying spectacle--captured on forward-looking infrared tape--of federal paramilitaries directing automatic weapons fire into the burning complex, cutting off avenues of possible retreat.
The United States as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC) has patented a method for inactivating a virion of an enveloped RNA virus comprising contacting the virion with an eosinophil-derived ribonuclease, such as eosinophil-derived neurotoxin (EDN) or eosinophil cationic protein (ECP).