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The application was to transfer two high viscosity ingredients, a fruit paste and yoghurt, both approximately 550,000 Centipoise viscosity, from 200 litre open top drums to two independent hoppers feeding a biscuit enveloping machine.
Enveloping limits the landowner's liability for health risks caused by masts in the event that the mast operator can't indemnify the landowner against any claims.
And I think that the longing for solidarity seemingly expressed in Andre's work is, analogously to the enveloping effect, at least partly an outcome of the warm colors of the wood: the color seems to be that of an organism with an instinct to get close to other entities of its kind.
Already drawing excellent reviews and industry awards, the game, with its enveloping story, extended gameplay, mood-evoking soundtrack, and realistic puzzles, has been succinctly described as "'Myst' but in a real location.
Contract notice: Enveloping electoral propaganda during the election of members of the regional council of nord-pas-de-calais and picardy 6 and 13.
Contract notice: Supply and maintenance of an enveloping material for publishing center sier @.
Enriches PC Entertainment and Games With a Richer, More Enveloping
Contract notice: Maintenance of enveloping machines for sending bulletins national criminal record and related services ("tma msp").
These features include powerful surface creation and continuity management for seamless characters; a sophisticated set of skinning and enveloping tools for exciting and credible characters; and an intuitive deformation sculpting and enveloping through sophisticated weigh maps and painting paradigms.
Prior Information Notice: Service contract for the overall management of the system of vouchers trash bags in the city of liege, including printing, enveloping and routing mail to citizens.