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Without acceleration enveloping, maintenance teams and engineers will first learn of damage and failure when overall vibration increases, lubricants are contaminated and temperatures rise.
The application was to transfer two high viscosity ingredients, a fruit paste and yoghurt, both approximately 550,000 Centipoise viscosity, from 200 litre open top drums to two independent hoppers feeding a biscuit enveloping machine.
The Swedish information logistics group Stralfors AB said on Tuesday (21 December) that it had signed a firm contract to take over all of the pan-Nordic financial group Nordea's printing and enveloping activities in the Nordic countries.
Enveloping limits the landowner's liability for health risks caused by masts in the event that the mast operator can't indemnify the landowner against any claims.
And I think that the longing for solidarity seemingly expressed in Andre's work is, analogously to the enveloping effect, at least partly an outcome of the warm colors of the wood: the color seems to be that of an organism with an instinct to get close to other entities of its kind.
This contract is for the enveloping and sending agents to INSEE their payslips and other documents as well as printing, enveloping and sending letters to candidates contest.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-1 December 2004-Nordea to outsource printing and enveloping to Stralfors AB(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.