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The product, Wiper Gokipao, envelops the insect in acrylic resin, which chokes the roach while solidifying into a cocoon-shaped shell that hides the body.
Not only are the gear teeth curved at the tips but the worm is also curved, or throated, so that its form envelops the curve of the gear.
due date and submission of 02 separate envelops should be clearly written failing this the offer shall not be considered.
555 Brown tape 1 Inch widthBA-WONDER-555 Brown Tape 55 micron guaranteed (linch width) Each 100 BA-WONDER-555 Brown tape 2 Inch WidthBA-WONDER-555 Brown Tape 55 micron guaranteed (2inch width) Each 200 Field Work Journal Field work journal (100 sheet)80gsm (size:22 x 28 ems) with T1SS Name & Logo (As per our sample) Hook 500 Brown envelops 9.
White envelops of size 9 x 4 on 90 GSM maplitho paper with University logo and address printed.
White Envelops 9"x4 (window) Printed with AUD name & logo (as per sample)