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Let strife and rancour perish from the lives of gods and men, with anger that envenoms even the wise and is far sweeter than slow-dripping honey, clouding the hearts of men like smoke; (18, 105-10)
24) Admittedly, graceful, mannered Cassio does indeed seem to have the "daily beauty" in his life that envenoms lago and drives the ensign to plot the lieutenant's death (5.
The very next sentence of this passage makes evident what extreme ambivalence shadows this infatuation with Ethal: "Et pourtant, je le sais, je crams et je hais cet Anglais de malheur" (108) But fear and hatred in this instance quicken rather than kill male-male desire, which may well thrive on what envenoms it: Ethal's cure is poison and antidote all at once, an inebriating cocktail of homosexual panic.