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It should be mentioned that animal studies have shown that fasciotomy is ineffective in saving envenomed muscles.
Several aspects of viperid predatory behavior involve a high rate of tongue flicking (RTF), such as trailing of envenomed prey and discrimination of envenomed (E) prey from nonenvenomed (NE) prey (Bauman, 1927, 1928; Dullemeijer, 1961).
Three patients had evidence of a clinical syndrome compatible with Tiger snake envenoming but a negative VDk, both receiving Tiger snake antivenom and Brown snake antivenom, so it was impossible to be sure which antivenom was responsible for recovery and hence identify which snake envenomed the patient.
Indeed, the whole point of neoconservative thought, you might say, is the export of the very sort of civic structures that might allow Islam to blossom, rather than to produce envenomed thorns.
Undoubtedly the most interesting story, personally and politically, of the Chretien years was his relationship with his finance minister, Paul Martin--interesting for both the success of the relationship in restoring Canada to fiscal good health and the bitter animosity that envenomed every stage of their relationship.
Or, and here is a suggestion that will have big agencies and deans of business schools hurling envenomed darts at me, you could write a combined business and marketing plan based on what you actually do and how.
As a result of this impassioned nonsense public opinion became so envenomed that the people would not countenance a workable peace; they were against any public man who showed "any tenderness for the Hun.
Here the case is not simply that he is generating signs that do not correspond with reality, but he is creating a context where reality is envenomed, since Othello does not accept the face value of his words.
10 TERRY ANDREWS, THE STORY OF HAROLD (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1974) A friend lent me this book, and it's a revelation: a novel that recasts Scheherazade as an envenomed children's author who flings himself from fuck to fuck all the while beguiling us with anecdotes on the way to his impending suicide.
tail twitched in the void beyond that lip, thrashing, and twisting up the envenomed fork which, like a scorpion's stinger, armed the tip.
A prejudice envenomed them, so that she could even accuse Augusta of fanning the discord between her and Byron, which wounded the sister sadly; for her influence had been quite in the opposite direction, as her brother even testified and his wife herself had formerly fully admitted.
These envenomed arrows, aimed at the most vulnerable, and not the least vital part of the national government, are not shot at random.