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Jeff Thatcher immediately went forward, to be familiar with the great man and be envied by the school.
The seats were higher in the back of the room, and the more advanced and longer-legged pupils sat there, the position being greatly to be envied, as they were at once nearer to the windows and farther from the teacher.
In moments of agony, I envied my fellow-slaves for their stupidity.
It looks as if you envied her, because she is more thought of than you.
I never envied a woman's feelings before," said the old man.
She had a serpentine way of coming close at me when she pretended to be vitally interested in the friends and localities I had left, which was altogether snaky and fork-tongued; and when she made an occasional bounce upon Startop(who said very little to her), or upon Drummle (who said less), I rather envied them for being on the opposite side of the table.