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Providers of mediation services need to know the library, the users, and the basic conditions of the environment in which services are provided.
In place after place, as we try to help leaders think and plan in these big picture frameworks, I find that officials usually think of the environment as context, a backdrop, just raw land.
As students completed the assignment, they negotiated through a change-based environment that advanced student understandings and insights concerning change.
Increasingly, organizers of major environmental events are factoring the environment into their planning--and their publicity.
The most basic are how big can you scale and how does this compare to the target environment.
Such arrangements have become widely used because of the high cost of alternative arrangements, and because older people generally prefer to stay in their natural environment (Tinker, 1997; Laczako & Victor, 1991).
What we really want is not a homelike environment, but a healing environment--an environment with soft colors, warm finishes, music, healing gardens, and the like that support health.
TWA focuses on adjustment rather than on career choice and defines adjustment as ongoing transactions between the work setting and the individual, a point of view that is based on the assumption that both the person and the environment are dynamic, changing, and flexible (Lent & Hackett, 1994).
Compared to conventional approaches, the SoCMosaic custom chip HW/SW co-development environment allows software development to begin as much as one year sooner.
Fraser (1989) reviewed over sixty studies in which the effects of classroom environment on science student outcomes were investigated.