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n ily e man m An Envisage spokesman said the Speedback is: "The first of many dream cars from the Envisage Group to be built in Coventry.
Envisage Group Managing Director, Chris Lee said: "It will enable the business to compete worldwide in the production of a variety of sophisticated models which are essential part of the modern car design process.
Les projets agro-industriels envisages fourniront 100 000 emplois.
No inspection is planned and clerk of the course Keith Ottesen envisages no problems at this stage, but the ground will be heavy.
Cyprus Finance Minister Charilaos Stavrakis presented the Stability Programme to the press on Wednesday, which envisages to curtail budget deficit from 6.
Both envisage two possible ways of beginning to remedy the global imbalances: either the United States unilaterally pressures and demands that its trading partners adopt pro-growth, market-based, anti-protectionist domestic economic policies, or the United States and its trading partners work jointly, with help from the reformed IMF, to promote these same policies.
With a far greater understanding of the HIV cell entry process, we can now envisage HIV entry inhibitors as whole new classes of drugs for the future.
Jesus is not primarily an interpreter of the Law, and Luke does not envisage Christian scribes; but Jesus does emphasize proper attitudes as the way to meet legal obligation.
The proposed amendments envisage the creation of a National Security Council to serve as a consultation forum on strategic matters and seek an increase in the number of seats in the national and provincial assemblies with shortened terms, from five to four years.
Mr Turner, former director general of the CBI, said: ``Obviously that partly reflects that what you can envisage living on yourself is determined by the background that you have had and the career you have had and the income you have had.
Asked in a recorded interview for GMTV whether he could ever envisage living on the wage Mr Adair, 46, said: "No I couldn't.

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