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My story was kind of an envisionment of what I'm scared of - something appearing at my window or door late at night," Nick said.
Passive readers do not engage with the text in a way that allows meaning to develop from "the transaction that occurs between the reader and the text wherein the reader constructs a personal envisionment of meaning" (Barson 2000, 565).
Once this envisionment process is under way, practical responses to the city of Los Angeles as a federation of boroughs can begin.
Dear God," and the like, as pleas uttered in desperate nervous extremity, are the signifiers of illumination and envisionment at one, except inasmuch as the words stand shackled to wish.
The Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory (EDC) (Arias, Eden, Fischeer, & Scharff, 1999) is a domain-oriented design environment to support lifelong learning.
did move beyond Israel's agenda in calling for both sides to "make their best efforts to avoid actions during the interim period that undermine the environment for the negotiations," and the envisionment of Palestinian autonomy as leading to a mutually respectful relationship "in which both sides eschew violence.
The inspirational and generative heteroglossia differs from the more conservative influence model of the modernists, which alludes not only to the author's erudition but also to a parochial envisionment of canonic homogeneity, Eliot's "monuments.
continuities of cubistic envisionment when flashed (twenty-four frames a second) through the projector and upon the motion-picture screen.
The convergence of networked cells, operating in dense urban envisionments, passionately inspired by faith, exploiting the connectivity and real time intelligence of modern information technology, generates a very different context for COIN.
Today, changing technologies for information and communication and changing envisionments for their use rapidly and continuously redefine the nature of literacy.
Gorki's envisionments of the future, or those of Granville Hicks or
The layered discussion that followed led to envisionments of disparity and how that contrasted with Goodlad's agenda for democracy in public schools.