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But should Tosti accept these terms,' continued the envoy, ` what lands shall be assigned to his faithful ally, Hardrada, King of Norway?
The baffled envoy,'' continued Cedric, pursuing with animation his tale, though it interested not the listener, ``retreated, to carry to Tosti and his ally the ominous answer of his injured brother.
Mazarin now understood that Cromwell's envoy desired to retain his incognito.
Mrs General, replying to the envoy, as she set down her empty coffee-cup, that she was willing at once to proceed to Mr Dorrit's apartment, and spare him the trouble of coming to her (which, in his gallantry, he had proposed), the envoy threw open the door, and escorted Mrs General to the presence.
Al-Qunaieer is one of three special envoys to Yemen.
Saleh Bin Abdulaziz Al-Qunaieer as special envoy to Yemen.
PRIMEMinister Manmohan Singh seems to be undermining the role of External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid by running the country's diplomatic agenda through a battery of special envoys.
Clearly the PM's penchant for special envoys is creating more confusion then helping the cause of the country's foreign policy.
According to John Krumenacker, field network engineer of international markets for Amperion, "Uplogix Envoys serve a two-fold purpose for us.
Uplogix offers the Envoy Network Resource Manager (NRM), an intelligent out-of-band network management appliance and the Network Resource Management Server (NRMS), a centralized interface that provides a single point of control for all Envoys and network devices and servers under management.
A major advance over proxies and proxy-based systems, envoys offer protection at the level of proxies yet, unlike proxies, allow companies to easily configure and run multiple firewalls.
He adds, "With envoys, authorized users go from point A to point B transparently and safely, regardless of the number of Telaxian Shield firewalls and underlying configuration details.