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Moreover, to defer once again to Derrida, this result involves the grand philosophical history of the cult of citation, the impulse to enwrap a prior, originary text or experience in frames that are merely "annotational," sheerly parasitic, never as privileged as the thought or experience of the other.
And when I tried to enwrap the man's member with my hands and he got aroused, and when I wanted to appease it in my mouth and he wet himself like a child wets itself, I cried.
A war with origins in the distant past threatens the balance of good and evil, and terrible events come to enwrap the planet Augusta.
Contemplation carries us away into a state of self- and world-abstracted pure seeing, thereby revealing "the transcendently excellent and amiable nature of divine things," which enwrap and engulf us with their overwhelming Being--God's Being.
Even the objects portrayed often put in a pitch for surface flatness; the crisscrossing strands of Web, for example, enwrap the picture plane more tightly than the oceanscapes, star fields, et al.
While we're twiddling along, Darabont and his screenwriter friend Michael Sloane try to enwrap us in what they think are Capra-esque virtues.
The Dh13,700 ($3,730) Givori Phantom Black Platinum enwraps the iPhone 6 with black platinum, one of the rarest precious metals in the world.
While Ahlmann often enwraps his sculptures in richly coloured, glossy and sensual glazes, Madsen expresses herself primarily in subdued Nordic colours--in monochrome and black-and-white glazes--with the exception of a number of her new works, where certain colours are introduced.
The hotel's elegant glass and masonry exterior enwraps the historic building with an enormous glass atrium rooftop tying the building together.
12) to a ruined tomb, an orange flower, to five blind and groping beetles; and only then, as thought enwraps the objects of his vision, can he turn back to metaphor, to a comparison of the air in the Campagna to "Rome's ghost since her decease" (l.