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Augustine, who was designated to fix several points in the Western understanding of faith and reason for the time to come, contributed considerably to this enwrapping of the God in the cloudy mysteries of language.
It comprises a group of tall buildings against the undulating backdrop of mountains enwrapping in a natural setting.
By enwrapping the officer in family-like solicitude, the organization raises the psychological costs of expulsion.
When the manna comes, You smell The fragrance of incense Enwrapping and enveloping you, Drifting down from the mountains of myrrh And the hills of frankincense.
In his typically elliptical manner, Egoyan eases us into the history by first enwrapping us in mesmerizing, strange, contemporary relationships.
The hypocritical enwrapping Garment of Heaven made from the Sweep's terrible Misery is analogous to the funeral curtains woven by the harlot in "London," a weaving which in Milton (29/3 1:55-65) becomes a "veil of human miseries" (my emphasis): the moon's chaste Veil of Stars (see the constellations as a heavenly Family of Miseries in Jerusalem 24:32).
The brainwashing around the slogan of "not allowing another Auschwitz here" has in fact silenced any real opposition to the Dimona reactor, and no one has asked in astonishment: "Wait a minute, how do you intend to prevent a second Auschwitz by enwrapping us in the danger of the outbreak of a nuclear Auschwitz?